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What Keeps Creativity Moving?
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What Keeps Creativity Moving?

Creativity yields the best results when it is nurtured. There is no question that today’s most dynamic companies depend largely on a solid creative element to achieve the serious gravitational pull which keeps them on top of the proverbial food chain. Here in Seattle, Microsoft’s Pioneer office shows a great example of how the nurture creativity, and Microsoft is definitely a force to be reckoned with today in the digital world and beyond. Taking a look inside the Seattle headquarters, it is easy to see how privileged the creative force working for Microsoft is; this office provides endless access to inspiration in many shapes and forms. The stunning architecture and interior design compliment the many amenities; the in-office Xbox surely keeps ideas moving and morale high which is surely no accident. To keep creativity moving, it must be valued and well taken care of which Microsoft seems to understand perfectly! The cost of the building as well as everything inside of it is undoubtedly a very fruitful investment for Microsoft, well worth the immense price tag it surely carried. Considering that it is within Microsoft’s best interest to protect the investment it has in the Seattle Pioneer headquarters, relocation services –should they ever be needed– would have to be second to none considering all the high quality furniture and electronics that help make the office what it is. However; considering the remarkable building, it isn’t very likely that relocation is anything Microsoft has in mind for the Seattle office any time soon… But hey, your Seattle moving professionals can dream can’t they?

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