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Seattle Movers: Tetris Experts
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Seattle Movers: Tetris Experts

As you may have guessed, your Seattle mover here is a huge Tetris fan. And it makes perfect sense! The similarities between Tetris and moving strategies couldn’t be more obvious. With all the packing and loading into moving trucks and storage units, Tetris is the perfect pastime for maintaining ideal professional mover mentality. Think about it; to ensure that all of your household items fit in one moving truck much smaller than your house, strategic maneuvering of your furniture and other belongings is necessary, just like playing Tetris! When moving people on a busy summer weekend, time seems to speed up and your Seattle movers have to act fast, just like playing Tetris as you reach higher levels! There are so many similarities between moving and Tetris that it is no wonder that so many of your Seattle moving crew members are avid players. Moving may be similar to Tetris, but it is nowhere near as fun! If it were, nobody would hire professional movers. With all the stress that is often coupled with planning a move, Tetris may be a great way to relieve some tension and have a little fun! your Tetris/relocation service expert would like to offer a few great tips for anybody wanting to significantly improve his or her Tetris game.

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