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Moving to The Emerald City
All My Sons Moving & Storage | Seattle Moving Company | Call today: (206) 377-4000
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All My Sons of Seattle | Kent, WA, 98032 | DOT: 902467 | MC: 391522

Moving to The Emerald City

Seattle has a few bragging rights which surely attract many families on the move to relocate here. As one of the most literate cities in the country, Seattle is an ideal hometown for a family of bookworms. The “Emerald City”, as it is often dubbed, earned its nickname thanks to the ample rainfall which makes it possible for the fertile vegetation to flourish, and when the rain subsides Seattle has thousands of acres of park land for families to enjoy! Dynamic companies such as Starbucks and Amazon provide many positions to the Seattle job market which is another reason to move to the area, family or no. Aside from Starbucks and Amazon, your local Seattle moving company here is always looking for talented individuals to join the family and further our success in the relocation business!

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